Friday, October 23, 2015

I Have Been

October 2015:

So very spoilt and lucky to have this amazing piece of Digital Art done for me by the most amazingly talented lady Ann Lavin.  Ann made this work of art for me without me even knowing. Last Monday week Oct 19th, Brian and I met up with Ann and Mick for lunch at Mt Tambourine, up on Tambourine Mountain.

Tamborine Mountain is a 28 square kilometres plateau in the Scenic Rim local government area of South East Queensland, Australia. The name is of Aboriginal origin and has nothing to do with the musical instrument.
Elevation: 525 m
As Ann and I were walking along in and out of shops, browsing, we chatted about all things craft, lumpy bumpy craft did she miss doing it - yes she does. However we talked Digital and got onto talking techniques etc. I again told Ann how very talented she is and said she should at least frame her last piece of art work, a picture of a girl with butterflies over her back, Ann has colored this piece like you would not believe - it just looks so so real. However we all had lunch then another walk and ended with a coffee before heading back to our cars and heading home. It truly was a great day to forget about all other stuff that is going on in our life. WELL  two days later Ann sent me this piece that she had done for me, I was stunned and actually it made me very emotional. I will treasure this forever and feel so lucky to have a piece of Ann's art that I will get printed and have it hanging on my wall.

Oh I forgot to tell you Brian and I got lost trying to find our way to the meeting place where we were to meet up with Ann and Mick - and yes they came and found us, hahahahahaha, we will never live this down I am sure and Ann won't let us forget either.

Cool Kid

October 2015:

This is the final page for the year 2008, so now it's onto the start of a whole new year, slowly I am getting there but what is the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" slow and steady as she goes. Using and putting to practise the digital tutorials and new techniques that I have learnt so far. I am now ready to start on the last set of tutorials and videos - ADVANCED here I come - nothing is holding me back now all I need is time. Even though I do not work I just don't seem to have enough hours in a day, I always find things to do -  I guess I could sit all day and do nothing other than play on my computer but that is not me. Thanks for looking at my blog and seeing what I have done/achieved.

Cool Kid

This page was created using another of the techniques I have learnt on my digital course. The technique was how to create a circle matt from a paper using the cookie cutter, I positioned the photo and then clipped it to the matt. I deleted the photo that was not required that was hanging over the matt. I added a ring around the matt to give it some definition, I really like how this shows off the photo. I used 3 papers and added a paper over the main background paper which I lowered the opacity to make it more see through,I also reduced the opacity on the circular matt. The T Bucket belongs to my daughter and Rory's dad, Adam built the T Bucket and it was on show in a large car firm in Christchurch.

I Used:

Papers from Digital Designers,

Kpertiet color 42812 - #2,5,6

Type Font – Vintage

Black Wow Plastic - used on the title

Rory and Pooh

September 2015

Another page completed for Rory's album, this one I love and who doesn't love Pooh Bear.

Pooh Bear - 2008

Armina - The Big Wheels Kit:

Patterned Paper #6 - Spotty

Karen Bellamy - Just Begun Kit:

Frame, Ribbon and Curled Edge

Misc Pattern Paper: Unknown

For this page it was really just practising some techniques that I had learnt, I used the Opacity to reduce the brightness of the Spotty paper, and added a curled edge placing this across both papers.
With the frames I duplicated the frame and added the ribbon to make it look like it was hanging.
I found a picture of Pooh Bear and extracted Pooh from the picture,I then turned the part I wanted to use into a PNG file and used a brush to clean the edge. I used Pooh as the main background and a smaller pooh to look like he wanted Rory to play ball. The main focus of this page was Rory's ball
as you can see it has Pooh Bear on it, that's why I wanted the page to look like Rory and Pooh were playing with the ball.

Monday, October 19, 2015


October 2015

Yep another page done, this one was done with my take on layer's, I had been chatting with a friend all about layers and thought I would try my hand. I really love the way this has turned out and what layering I have done I am really happy with it. I have taken a photo of Rory's dad's Harley Davison motor bike and turned it into a PNG file, the same was done the to outline of the crash helmet, Rory is wearing his dad's helmet so I turned a picture into a PNG and used it as the background, I love the look and will be trying more of this.


Ginger Snaps: > Man Oh Man Kit
Paper #11
Metal Frame
Duct Tape Arrows #3 & #4
I used the ARC tool to curve the title DREAM around the crash helmet.

I have always loved this photo of Rory sitting with his dad's crash helmet on,I extracted Rory from the original photo then turned the photo into a PNG file.

I took an image of a Harley Davidson Sports Motor Bike (this is what Rory's dad has) I turned it into a PNG file and rotated the image as Rory is facing to the left.

I then found an image of the identical Crash Helmet (FFM) that Rory has on, I also turned this image into a PNG file and then used the opacity to leave just the outline.

Below is the latest Thank You card I have created for the home owners of the adorable dogs and house that we looked after at Bahrs Scrub - Qld. The owners loved the card. It seems they like to receive a card that has meaning to them.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Another Page Complete - Never Too Young

October 9th:

Another done feeling pretty happy actually as this one almost completes 2008 - hahahaha. I counted up the other day the years I have to do and I have done nothing for 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015 so I now have to focus on getting these done I try to do at least 12pages per year, so getting there slowly. I want to make sure that I have pages with Rory and his dad not just mum, and the next few years I want to ensure that there are pages with his grandparents - one of my friends said the other day I need to continue with this until he is 18yrs old as this is now the start of adult hood!!!!!!!!!!!! heavens that's still alot of years hahahaaa. I used the blending mode in the layers pallet on this one blending the checker plate paper and a teal blue one together with changing the opacity so the color shows through the checker plate.


Ginger Snaps: - Man Oh Kit

Checkplate Paper #12
Journal Stamp

Raspberry Road: - Easy Rider


Digital Designers: - KPertiet

Teal Paper #42

Font: - Trajan Pro – size 36pt

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Digital Card Fronts

I have decided when we do a house sit  that I want to create a card to say thank you from their own surroundings,gardens,pets etc. Here are two that I have done, the homeowners love them. I have a set of templates using different positions for the photos, I think they look great.

Photo Collage

This was the practise to see if I could get the curve and achieve the white border.

This is a collage I created by using another technique using the lasso tool and taking a part of a photo and incorporating the photos into a collage - I love this technique and it makes such a great page. This page also used another technique where I had to create a curve and then adding another paper overtop allowed me to make a small curve to separate the two papers

Fun Times With Nana

Digital Designers – Color Inspiration:

Paper kit #38 – paper 1 & 2

Word Art – Quote Inspiration - #070712

Parts of photos that I removed using the Lasso Tool and using the eraser tool then choosing a naturals brush to give the photo edges a more blended/feathered edge, I then adding them onto my page and possitioned them where I thought they looked best.

Yep I'm Back!!!!!

You might think I have been a bit slack however I have silently been creating - hope you enjoy what I have been up to. I have been putting into practise some of the new techniques that I have learnt.

Beach Fun At Cottontree

Pickleberry Pop:
Indigo Des – Unforgettable Time
Element #45- bubbles scatter

Jas O Dreams – About The Sea Freebie
Paper#2, Sand02, Stones 01, Shell 07

Hand Drawn Outline Doodle:
Photo is part of a photo that I extracted using the lasso tool.

The title font was Vandi, size 120
I used the warp to shape the text and chose to use wave in keeping with the beach feel.

Yandina 2008

Just Begun: – Journal Tag
Armina – Big Wheels Kit: Arrow Border #2, PP #6
Nothing But Freebies: Papers #03-03 (2) & 03-03, String Bow
Janine Stamp: Journey
Pickleberry Pop - Deb Fisher : All About Me – Journal Tag
Today Circle Stamp
Someday Scatter

Scrap Matters – Date Tags: March & 2008
Misc Stuff Wordart: - Explore, Inspire
Font: - Sergeo Script