Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Some sadness and a little bit of fun

March 23rd was a very sad day for Yasmine,Adam and Rory - it was the day they had been dreading when they had to say farewell to their much loved Harley Dog, he was very sick and no hope of getting better he was 13yrs old.  They did the kindest thing and sent Harley Dog to the Rainbow Bridge.

I made a card and sent to them as it was so sad - Thank You Keryn for also thinking of Yasmine and the family and making a card which was sent with mine.

Below photo is the card Keryn made - very appropriate

Below is the card and envelope I made


March 24th 2015:

A package came for me the other day from Yasmine and Rory, wondering what it could be I eagerly opened it to find a cute little bookmark of a caravan - very appropriate

 How cute is this - just love it

Ms India

Hahahahahaa - when we house sat late last year at Caboolture South, the homeowners did a trip back to see family in India. On arrival home they gave Brian and I gifts - Brians was a beautiful white cotton shirt and mine was this, I will wear the pants in winter with a long top and the actual top (pictured pale green) is beautiful and will be great worn over jeans in the winter, I wished I could shorten in a bit however if I did that I would be cutting off so much of the pattern - I would never wear them as they are here - it's the thought that counts and they are gorgeous - if only I was thin. The item in my hand is a scarf however I wont use it for that it's too short and thick, I am going to use it as a table runner - lol

Monday, March 23, 2015


One of Marie's beautiful Hibiscus flower's it is called "Flamenco"

My wonderful friend back in Christchurch Marinel, I worked with here at Air NZ a great friend, she also loves craft especially digital - only on Friday 21st March she had a small stroke, she has lost the use of her left arm and leg and is in hospital - she's a fighter had done it one with a major issue and came back from the brink more than once with that episode, so I know she can beat this lot.I spent the day with Marinel and her husband Maurice in January when I was back in Christchurch, to add to this their home has been so badly damaged in the earthquakes that they are about to move out and live in their caravan while their new home is being built.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

They were having a go with the bloody Crows the other day - what a noise

Kookaburra one my favs

Bee Gees Way - Redcliffe

Took a drive out to Redcliffe expecting to find a small seaside town, well what a surprise to find a very large seaside suburb, not at all sleepy like we thought it would be. It was not a very nice day and the wind was blowing hard and made the sea very rough.  We did find the Bee Gees Way though.

A tribute to Redcliffe’s world-famous pop group – the Bee Gees

And we found a little bit of Kiwi in one of the shops