Monday, April 30, 2012

Concertina Photo Frame Card

Today I had a visit to my friend Keryn who lives an hour south of me, and once a month on a Monday I try to go for a visit. Keryn is a "Stampin Up" Demonstrator and she teaches us some amazing stuff, today's class really tested my ability for things fiddly, however I have to admit it will be well worth it when this is finally finished. These photo's are how things are looking so far. The most tricky part was actually getting the concertina frame to stick and be square - easier said than done. I need to print a couple of photos to add before I can actually assemble the frame and finish it. This would make an amazing gift for someone - however think I need to try another test one before I go making any for gifts. I love the Red/Black colour scheme of this one.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wildlife in the backyard 25/4/12

Could not resist taking some more photos of the beautiful Sulphur Crested Cockatoos that come visit us almost daily at home here, they are not at all frightened and Mr Arnie will sit and watch as you put seed up for them to eat, he will sit with his head on the side cocked and wait she (Mrs Arnie) will fly off to the closest powerline until the seed it there then she will fly down to feed. Just this Wednesday we had the first lot of Rainbow Lorikeets come for a visit and feed also, there are the most pretty brightly coloured birds, they just sit and chatter away and I am always so amazed to stay and watch them. I am now hoping that the Eastern Rosella's will now come also and that would just make it so special and the circle of birds would be complete, we have had the Rosies come once or twice however they are very timid and the least noise or movement will frighten them away.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Circle Retreat - Buderim

 Today I spent a wonderful time with friends and fellow crafters at an amazing place in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. They have been staying at the "Circle Retreat" since Friday afternoon however I could not go and stay as I was working Friday and then had to work Saturday morning in the office here at home, so it was decided I would come over on Sunday. The house is amazing nestled in amongst bush and trees, there is a swimming pool and spa and it boasts 6 bedrooms the house would easily sleep 12 to 14 people, the bookings must be a mimimum of 8 people and it is all there even down to the coffee machine in the kitchen that makes real coffee. There was plenty of table space with another table if it was required. Some of the ladies were scrapbooking, card making, quilting, sewing and one was even doing the most amazing cross stitch. I am so glad I took the time to go and see this place and spend time with friends.Next time I may even go and stay you never can tell. I did manage to do a couple of UFOs - (unidentified finished objects) that are now I am glad to say  finished - so that has to be good.

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25th Wedding Anniversary

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary was in November last year, we had just planned to go out with our best friends Helen and David end of story, I
suggested we go to the Thai restaurant in Marrochydore where we love
the food and the atmosphere. Helen said she would book it and that she
had booked it for 7.00pm. We duely arrived to see our friends at a table that I thought was rather large for 6 of us including another couple, and
then I found out why, Helen and ( David - who actually worked with me at the print factory) had invited the girls that I work with and had no idea at
all - what a surprise ( see the bottom photo ) When I left work on the Friday they all said have a great night tomorrow and congratulations to you
and Brian - no one let on a thing.
We had a wonderful meal and night and we recieved some lovely gifts and
cards. Our cake was a most delcious Lime cheesecake which we all shared for dessert.

Sorry about the small photos - these were sent to us from someone else and we have been unable to make them any bigger - and yes I have tried.