Friday, February 27, 2015

You Just Have To Smile

Feeling Pretty Happy

    Popup Card in a Box:

I wanted to make a real girly card full of Butterflies - ummmmmmmmmmmm what/how will I do this, I know I will make a popup card in a box and so I did. I wanted it all in pink tones and the theme was butterflies - pretty happy with it and off to post said card and birthday parcel away today it's for a 4yr old girl in Christchurch. The good thing about it is that it folds flat for posting, I also made the envelope.

And a few more envelopes I made using my envelope scoring board - love it.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Get a load of this

When we were in Christchurch, we were driving across to Akaroa when this old caravan on a trailer we passed on the motorway, how the caravan didn't fall off the trailer we will never know. I think he had in mind to do it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who know's it may well have come off the trailer further along - we turned off so have no idea.

And so to Kallangur for the next 3mths

3rd February

Well the day had arrived for us to leave Caloundra for the best part of 2015, the night before we packed away all the outdoor gear rolled the awning up as rain was forecast, thank goodness we did as it teamed through the night. We woke to a fine however overcast day. Checkout time was 1000am however we heard on the radio that the south bound lanes on the Bruce HWay were blocked due to a truck rollover and there were huge delays. Brian went to the office and asked for a late checkout, by 1100 we decided to head off as we had to drop the aircon unit off at the storage shed and once there we could see the traffic was moving and did not seem to be too backed up. With the aircon stored we headed south via the Bruce HWay and it was after about 10mins we came upon the slow moving traffice it took us about 45mins to get passed the rollover truck and once past this point the traffic was moving again at normal speed allowing us to arrive at Kallangur at 1230, so we actually made pretty good time. Brian backed Poppy up the side entrance and she is parked under the carport which is great as we can clean her and restock her for our trip south at the beginning of May, for now both Poppy and the car are under cover which is great. Today I have been across the road to meet the delighful Delia she is a crafting friend of the home owners and she has asked me to go to the craft morning on Tuesday from 9.30 until midday cost $4 and morning tea thrown in - so I am off.
However that is about all I have to share with you for now so this little chicky babe is off to the craft room that is available to me and there is everything for me to play with catch you all later and thanks for checking out the ramblings of the last couple of months.

Below photo shows us almost ready leave Caloundra for the best part of 2015 we may be back later in the year - cherrio folks.

Below photo shows the house we are minding for some craft friends we are currently 30kms from Brisbane,closer to Brissy than the Sunshine Coast which is 70kms north. 


One Rainy Day

 About a year ago on one of my trips home I found this cardboard kit of the once famous Christchurch Cathedral which is now in ruin in the heart of Christchurch, I decided it was time to make it up and see what it was like in it's former glory - here is the finished cardboard model and the lower photo shows the Christchurch Cathedral as it is today - very very sad and no one seems to know what to do to fix the problem.

And so I return

Well it was my turn to leave a week later on the 14th feeling not so good and upon returning have been pretty crook with Bronchitus something I have never had before and man it has made me feel pretty bloody lousy, on the mend now as I have drugs. We spent a week at Sunseeker Village our usual place to stay when we need a few nights somewhere. On the 18th we moved to the Big 4 Caloundra Waterfront Holiday Park where we currently are until Feb 3rd when we move to Kallangur and mind a friends house for 3mths while they head away in their caravan. Its a nice area one we have not frequented so will be good to have a look around. The rail line to Brisbane is 5mins away so a trip into Brisvegas by train is well on the cards. The summer has been a scorcher thank goodness we have the aircon in the van as it certainly helps to keep the inside more comfortable especially at night time making sleep more comfy. I had a lovely quiet birthday thank you Angela and Yasmine for my beautiful cards and gifts I never opened them until my birthday. Brian and I went out for tea at the local Bellvista Tavern for my birthday, 2 meals for $30 pretty good value. The Big 4 is right on the Pumiceston Passage and we have a great spot with daily views of the water, Pelicans and many boats. The van park emptied out on mass on January 26th Australia Day Public holiday as the rugrats return to school today January 27th, where we are in the park we are sitting on a patch of ground all on our own so peace reins. Tomorrow off to see the home owners for morning tea at Kallangur and collect the keys to the house, we will be taking the caravan with us as we can put it on site and give her a good clean and get ready for our trip south at the beginning of May when we head south for the winter at Tocumwal, actually really looking forward to it, yes it will be a shock to the system however we love that part of the country. Went and had a meal with our good friends Helen and David before we left Caloundra and this little Waterdragon came in for a feed.

What Else!!!!!!!!! and misc stuff

No trip ever goes un-noticed without finding a few craft goodies - just look at the caravan die I found I just love it although our van does not look quite like that I still love it.

Grandad and Rory checking out fishing gear on the tablet. 

The below photo is a gorgeous mug that Rory gave me for Christmas it has the word LOVE written on the inside - I sure do love it.

Angela's garden

Just a few photos of my sister Angela's garden it is stunning she is an avid lilly and rose fan, the family are currently out of their house as it is finally have major repairs after the dreadful earthquakes, alot of upheaval however once repaired it will be like a brand new home. Tell me she does not have my dad's green finger's I inherited them also thankfully - love the garden.

The Lemon Tree Cafe

10th January
The Saturday before I left I along with Rory we took the Black Peril back to Ang and Martins,where Ang and I then walked outside looking at her beautiful flowers. It was then time for us to head into town to the Lemon Tree Cafe where we met Yasmine and had a catch up before Yas took me back to her place. Angela told us about this lovely little cafe it is so quaint and was really lovely with so many old things from an era gone by. We had a lovely coffee and bite to eat before we said our goodbyes.