Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beautiful Art

11 June 2014

This house we are in has some amazing Art Works.  The ones shown here are canvases with glaze/mixed media over the top they are just stunning. The one of the 3 panels is amazing you would swear it is pottery but no it's not.

And the Jelly Fish is also stunning the tendrils are simply awesome I cann't help but look at them.

A New Hair Do

Nothing better than having a new hair do, a few foils makes a huge difference. I do my own

Monday, June 9, 2014

And Another Night Of.................

07 June 2014

Another night out loads of fun, laughter & we won a bottle of Rum in the raffle, on the way home got stopped by 2 RBTs - finally arriving home around 1040pm.

A Visit From An Old Work Mate

07 June 2014

Today I had a lovely visit from an old work mate from the Print Factory, Simone no longer is there either
as she now has a little girl 3yr old Isabelle. Simone came over for lunch and we had a great old time
nattering it was so good to see her.

Craft Afternoon At Keryn's

31 May 2014

This afternoon I headed over to my friend Keryns for an afternoon of fun, laughter and cardmaking, the theme was ANIMAL. The cost of the afternoon was $15.00 and all money raised which was just over $200.00 was given to the WORKING BREED REHAB ,  we each made 3cards, stopping to have afternoon tea. The money collected came from each of us paying & from any product purchased. Well done Keryn & thank you.

Last Quilts

This took my eye so many times I chose it for my visitors favourite pick.
Mariners Compass

Above shows various Wall Hangings, the one with the blue rosette was 1st place

Quilt Show

29 May 2014

While at the caravan park I picked up a brochure that said there was a Quilt Show being put on by Island Quilters, to be held at the local Art Gallery. I took myself along and the lad went to have a look at the Pacific Harbour Golf Club.

Last Ones

Best Friends
Kris & Chris – Christchurch
February 2014

MZIMM – Quick Page – by Yuki:
Take A Break

Segoe Script

Font Size:


Catch Up Time
March 2014

Scrapgirls - QP – MZIMM:
Bits of Memory

Step by Step Digi – Karen Bellamy:
Journal Tag

MV Boli


Still More

Are you fed up me bragging about my pages - I love them, hope you do also.

Judi & Chris
September 2013

Scrapgirls - QuickPage – MZIMM – Blissful Smile

Step by Step Digi – Karen Bellamy
Journal Tag

Font – Caflish Script Pro

Size - 60pt

Noriel & Chris
October 2013

Scrapgirls - Quick Page – MZIMM -Happy Together

Font-Caflish Script New

Size - 72pt

More Digi

Here are a few QUICK PAGES that I have done of some of my very close friends, and Jelly Bean Girls, I know these pages are probably an easy way out however time wise I love them as they at least allow me to complete the pages.

Caloundra Boardwalk
Keryn & Chris
23 July 2011

MZIMM – QuickPage:
Vintage Summer

Font for Title:
Standard Stencil-I used an Image Effect of Water Reflection

Size forTitle:

Just Begun Journal Tag: – By Karen Bellamy
I changed the colour to go with the page.

Caloundra Boardwalk 2
23 July 2011

QuickPage by MZIMM – Scrapgirls:




Size: 18pt

Jacky, Loraine, CJ

MZIMM – Quick Page – Fresh Springtime

Segoe Ul Symbol

Font Size: