Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thank You

Thursday 25th September

With Brian's recent trip into hospital (which all went to plan) he decided that he would like to give the nurses a thank you card when he leave's, have you got one at home or could you make one? I had been to a morning a while ago at my friend Keryn Suther's place, Keryn is a "Stampin Up" Manager. The morning was for the reveal of the new season's launch. Amongst the launch they happened to have in the new catalouge an amazing card kit, which comprised of all product to make 20cards. I only had a couple of hours to make the card and amongst the kit were some thank you cards. I chose one as pictured below, so simple, quick and easy. For the inside I used a stamp by Indigo Blu, and stamped along the bottom of the paper insert. End card looked great and the nurses were thrilled to receive it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September Cyber Crop at Jelly Bean Scrappers

Our wonderful little forum over at Jelly Bean Scrappers is closing in a few days time due to lack
of members, Toni & Kym along with some of the mods have tried to hold our little family together
and it is with regret that Toni is shutting the forum down, I have made some great friendships through the forum and for that I am so grateful, I have also been very lucky to have met so many of the girls while we have been on our various van trips around Australia. Many of the girls are on facebook now and Toni is keeping that page up & running therefore most of us can keep in touch, thos who don't go on facebook I do have contact details for. The last forum fun we had was a Cyber Crop with tasks and challanges set for us to do - as usual I was late and never managed to get them done in time however I have finished them and am very happy with my pages. Once again thank you to everyone for your fun and friendship.

KYM'S  RECIPE  CHALLANGE: Kym put up a list of things we needed to do this page and we had to do it useing what we had been advised to used - I really love this page.


Toni set us a blind scrap challange again telling us what we needed to do the page then she gave us instructions as to where to place the items - this was alot of fun as I have not done a blind scrap before it was great seeing the girls finished pages. We all had to do the same useing the same kind of items etc however each page is completely different - loads of fun. With the journalling we had to take one word and highlight that word ( in this case trouble)

The next page below was for TONI'S  DIGI  CHALLANGE - NEW
Again for this we were given instructions as to what we needed to complete the page, and what was required to be done, as in photo had to be of something NEW here in my case was the NEW flower of the beautiful Kangaroo Paw flower, we also had to use some shadowing.

Something a little bit Crafty!!!!

When we were staying at Bribie we went for a walk around to the Newsagent, I purchased a copy
of Australian Simply Cards (the latest copy) while browsing I saw and amazing stamp from Darkroom
Door, it is a Photo Stamp and is amazing, hmmmmmmmmm how can I obtain this? a phone call to
Barbi Shipton owner of Daisy Chain Scrapbooks Nambour and stamp ordered. The stamp arrived
and is stunning. (The stamp is called - Bicycle)

Picnic at the Beach

Tuesday 23rd September

It was such a nice day we packed a picnic lunch and headed down to the Caloundra foreshore, as it is school holidays we were sure it would be busy in the car park so we headed around to the far end of Happy Valley, found a park no probs then the next thing to find was a table, easier said than done - I saw a table that had an elderly man sitting there eating a sandwich and I said to Brian lets go ask him if we can use the other end of the table as I was certain he would be gone once the sandwich was also gone - and this he did so we had it to ourselves. It was a nice day sunny warm and the surf was good so we sat and watched the board surfers for a while before heading back to the house.

Little Mountain 4

Dave and Christine have this beautiful Orchid growing in a hanging pot and Dave has waited all year for it to flower - and it is while they are away, I will take some photos and get them printed for them and place in a card when we leave - it is gorgeous.  When all the flowers on the Orchid are out I will post another couple of photos.

Little Mountain 3

Below 2 photos is of a friendly little Butcher Bird, these look like small Magpies, however these little birds sing beautifully.

 My mate the Kookaburra sitting in the old Gum Tree - he wasn't singing just looking and watching.

Little Mountain 2

The 6 photos below are of the lovely Banskia Flowers.

Below photo is of a Kangaroo Paw flower, the flower looks so real like a Kangaroo Paw

  Potted colour  - the beautiful Petunia's always put on a good show

Little Mountain 1

The house is very nice, modern and again lovely grounds. The street is immaculate I would say not a rental in the street which makes a change. A few photos below of our latest house sit.

Below photo shows even a vegie garden, fresh home grown silver beet & herbs.

 Below photo shows Christine the home owner has a pineapple growing along the back fence

And once again back to Sunseeker

Well the morning of departure from Sunseeker had arrived, we moved out of there on the morning of Friday 19th and headed over the hill to Cullen Drive. We left Sunseeker around 1100am after saying our goodbyes to the friends we had made there whilst there for the 5mths previous. With the farewells over it was off to the house. We had to make sure we didn't arrive too early as we needed to ensure the home-owners had left for their trip as we needed to put our caravan where they park their one. We arrived after approx 5min drive up the hill then down the hill to the house manage to get Poppy parked after Brian had some tricky manoeuvring to do to get the old girl onto her spot for the next 6wks. With Poppy parked and the food transferred inside to the fridge the jug was on for our cuppa. We spent the remainder of the day taking out only what was required inside. While we have Poppy here with us it gives us a good chance to do some cleaning, washing all the curtains, bedding etc, as when we leave here Poppy will go into storage where our furniture is and she will be there until we need her next which will be next year around April 2015. This will be our last stay at Sunseeker they have put the price up to that of other van parks around which have all the conviences, like camp kitchens etc which Sunseeker does not the only good thing about it there is the pool, however most van parks have pools. Also as we belong to most of the big chain van parks we also get a discount which brings the price down to less than Sunseeker and they give NO discount and it's also very very noisy and crazy to get out of now as they have blocked the road off.

Below photo shows our spot at Sunseeker.

Off to Bribie Once Again

We left our house sit and the lovely Jedda at Calamvale on the 11th September made our way back to Bribie Island, where we had booked a very basic cabin for 3nights rather than bring the van out of storage and set up for the 3nights. Had a great run from Brissy south to Bribie arriving there around 1230 in time for lunch, went to check in to be told we had been upgraded to one of their Oceania Suites - yes thank you we will take that all for the same price as the basic cabin. We had a nice 3 days back here just relaxing & going for a couple of walks to the beach and the Greek Church at the back of the van park, it certainly had changed since we went there last to watch the Greek Dancing at the Paniyiri festival a couple of years ago. On Sunday 14th we leave Bribie with the caravan and head once more back to Sunseeker Village for 5nights before going to our next house sit literally over the hill at Little Mountain. We will pop back down to Calamvale to see Graham Maria and Miss Jedda when we do the house sit at Morayfield in November, they would like us to go down and have lunch with them, they also would like us to house sit again next year when they go to Europe however it will all depend where we are? if we are unable to do it we have a friend who will do it instead so at least they can still go away and know their home and beloved pet is well cared for.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Farewell Calamvale

These are the final pics I will have of our stay at Calmavale. A few misc ones.

I sat this afternoon & watched a male (Blue) female (small Brown) Fairy Wren, they have a nest in the bushes at the corner of the front section, such very tiny birds & very busy gathering food for the young.

And finally a few plants the Orange Clivia & a Peace Lily, & a pretty daisy in a hanging basket.