Sunday, December 28, 2014

We moved to the motel

Tuesday 23rd December:

Today we moved to the motel at 219 Johns Road, we decided that this year being here longer and as both of us were on holiday that us along with Yas and family need some space. When I was over in January 2014 when Yas had pneumonia I rang around checking prices and places to stay for a while. The motel offered a great price and allowed Rory to stay over if he wants for NC, the motel is fully serviced and self contained, not far from Yas and family and also a good location for us to get across to the rest of the families on the east side. Martin and Angela (my sister and her  husband) have loaned us a car which we are so grateful for it is a Mazda Roadster MX5 sporty model.It allows us to get around without having to take Yas car off her.Even though the main Johns Road runs along the front of the motels once inside with the door closed we dont hear the traffic.The managers allowed us to pay the motel off during year so that when we arrived we had no money to pay - bonus. We go back to Yas and Ad's on January 3rd staying there until we return home to Aussie. Ad minded Rory today for us as we went to meet my good friends Loraine and Jacky from Air NZ for a coffee,Yasmine is still working, we had to meet them at the Copenhagan Cafe in Harewood Road at midday, it worked out really well as we were able to go straight from the cafe to the motel for a 2.00pm checkin.

Below photo shows the lad outside the motel with the car - hood down - LOL

Below two photos taken at Yasmine's house

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's feeling like Christmas

22 December 2014

A couple of shots around the tree last night, yep Harley dog had be in the act.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A quick update

21 December 2014

Loving not having the humidity and or storms, have had a couple of chilly overcast days and the odd shower otherwise it is lovely weather. The family are still all at work, Adam finishes tomorrow Tuesday and poor Yas finishes on the 24th in the PM but not too late I hope. Had a nice couple of hours yesterday with Martin and Angela(my sister and BIL)  was great to see them, Angela's  garden is amazing that is one thing that I do miss is all the beautiful plants and flowers, in saying that there is still something nice about having the natives and Palm trees like we do back in Aussie. We are minding Rory infact he is out playing most of the day breezes in and out as long as he is safe that's the main thing. We move to the motel tomorrow until the 3rd January giving Yas and Adam some space and ourselves also. Brian is feeling much better which is great not sparking on all 4s just yet but we are getting there. Keryn the photos below are of Yasmine's lovely friendly little Fox Terrier "Harley" he will be 13 on NYears day. Over the next couple of days I hope we can get into the city and take some photos, might go at night time as it wont be so crowded. Also need to go over the cemetery and put flowers on mum and dad's graves, have some lovely Christmas Lilies out of Angela's garden the smell is amazing.

The below photo shows what happens in this house almost every day - it's like a railway station, over run with men and their cars, repairs,rebuilds - so no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The photo above shows father and sons - Adam in the shorts, Rory middle and Adam's other son Jody on the left, the man in the black is Adams dad - boys grandad Mark

Below photo Jody L, Rory on Grandad Mark's L, Ad seated on the tyre - note the shorts his legs are so white and skinny it is a sight for sure.

Christmas House 2

Shands Rd Christmas House

Fri 19th December 2014

Friday night saw us head across to see the Shands Road Christmas House, fortunately it was only about 15min drive from Yasmine's, we took Rory and his little friend along with Grandad Brian, Nana and Grandma Rose. Brian has been pretty unwell however he wanted to come to see the lights display rugged up we headed off at 9.30. There is a $5 charge for adults and this goes toward the ladies care as she has Lyme Disease. What an amazing display, private house and certainly set to wow you. Rory and his mate were in their element. It had turned really chilly and was drizzly when we headed for home.All the lighting displays are set to music - simply fantastic. A late night for Rory heading to bed at 2300 and NOPE he still never bloody well slept all night in his bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We have arrived

17 Dec 2014

 Today would have been dear mums birthday, love you mum xxx

We arrived last Friday the 12th, Yasmine and Rory met us at the airport and a short trip back to Yasmine and Adam's and we were home. It was wonderful seeing them and yes there were tears at the airport when I saw Yasmine however they were tears of joy. Rory
finished school yesterday the 16th and is now on holidays until school returns early February, he will be having a teacher he has already had before and he did so well under her, here's hoping he does the same next year. The weather is alot cooler here and we are feeling it a fair bit, however in saying that it is great not having the humidity. Brian has developed a bloody chest infection so is coughing and spluttering and keeping everyone awake at night time with the coughing :-( . We went over to have a look at the motel earlier in the week it is going to be fine, it is very open airy and light and not on the road end of the block, we move there on the 23rd. This afternoon Brian and I along with Rory and his little mate went over to see Rosie and Bill for an hour, was great to catch up and see all their new alterations to the house and outside after the damage they received from the quakes. The boys had a picnic under the trees at a small table, they were in their element chatting away and digging in the dirt - BOYS. We left there in plenty of time to get back across to Hornby as Rory's friend had Softball practise and we had to collect Yasmine from work.

Adam, Rory and Yasmine

 Adam,Yasmine,Brian,myself,Grandma Rose,Grandad Mark (Adams parents)

Grandma Rose, Rory, Grandad Mark

Get Together With Good Friends

 07 Dec 2014

We are now into our final few days here at Caboolture South - Logrunner Drive. It is very close to my good friends Keryn's house. Keryn's mum and Dad also live not too far away. Shirley said you are almost ready to leave and we have not had a catch up for lunch or anything, so we decided we would have afternoon tea catch up and chat. Brian really gets on so well with Keryn's dear dad Fritz. This afternoon we picked up Keryn and Graham as they could show us how to get there. We had a great afternoon chatting about all kinds of things. Thank you Shirley for welcoming us into your home, we really enjoyed it and also the company.

Keryn and I the chickie babes - lol

Keryn and I, Keryn's mum and dad  - Shirley and Fritz

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thats it folks

Willy Wagtail, Sulphur Crested Cocky,Rainbow Lorrikeet,

Guess who

His dad drives a dragster race car called FATBOX - hence the t shirt latest photo I received today
Rory has grown very tall however he has lost alot of weight!! he will be 8 in February and as my birthday is January think we will have an early birthday for him and myself.