Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Very Proud Aunt

October 22 - 2014

The below photo is of my eldest nephew James Vallance, my sister's eldest son. James is soccer mad/crazy, he has his own team in Christchurch and this is Futsal and indoor soccer. Last weekend he took his team to a competition in Napier, they won 4 out of the 5 games. This amazing photo shows James in action - I am so proud of him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Logrunner at Morayfield

Sunday 19th October
Today we headed down to Morayfield as we had been invited down for lunch with our next house owners, their families and a couple of friends. Morayfield is about 45mins south of the Sunshine Coast we drove through the hinterland a very pretty drive which takes you through Landsboroughhh, Beerwah (where Australia Zoo is) Glasshouse Mountains, Elimbah and through to Caboolture, then Morayfield. It is a big place one where we feel we could live, everything is there so not really any need to go into the city. Speaking of which when we are staying at Log runner Drive we are going to take the train and head into Brisbane for a day something different. We had a great lunch and once again Pat and Kevin had so much food you could have fed an army. Patsy is from India (that's where they are going) so we had yummy Indian food the smells and flavours were divine and nothing hot which suited us. This place has a lovely pool, huge section so heaps of room for golf practise, riding bikes lol and for Rahj the dog to run around. We had a very pleasant day with them all and left around 4.00pm heading back home the back way rather than travel the crazy Bruce Highway. We head here on the 31st of October from here we fly to NZ for Christmas/New Year.
Rahj is a Kelpie, he is just beautiful. 

Below photos show the gateway in to the property, it is a large property infact huge grounds, we only have to look after a very small part of the grounds, the pool is all automatic also.
 Below photo is looking from the road into the property
This is a short of the road that runs along the front all the living is out the back so out of sight from the road and this is not a busy road as there are very few houses.

A few Birds and Plants

This plant below is called a Golden Penda or Expo Gold, it was bred for  Expo in 1988 and apparently hales from Nth Qld - I love it.

Our House Sit

21 October 2014

We are almost at the end of this house sit and in 9 days time we more to our next and final one for 2014. We love it here with the birds,plants and location.

Below photo shows the kitchen looking through to the family room (which we use) and looking to the garden.

From the front to the rear - easy care tiles.

Main lounge which we don't use.

This was the vegie garden when we arrived

Look at the vegie garden know, the tomatoes are doing well and have fruit on them.

10 Pin Bowls

Friday 17th October
Tonight along with our Line Dancing friends we made our way into Maroochydore to Suncity Bowl for a couple of games of 10 Pin Bowls, the occasion was our dancing tutor Karen - it was Karen's son Michael's 21st. He is an avid 1- pin bowls player and Brisbane Bronco's fan (see cake) his mum asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday ( he has special needs) he is very sociable and loves being around the line dancers, anyway his mum gave him a great night with the Suncity Bowls putting on food platters. It was a great night with all our friends and was lovely to be able to celebrate Michaels special day. I made him a card with Broncos logos etc on it and with the cake it seemed very appropriate. We arrived home around 1030pm feeling a bit tired, made a cuppa and headed to bed.

The Line Dancing group, our teacher, Michael's mum Karen is in the front blue top with the birthday boy beside her.

And just look at this amazing cake - it was a caramel mud cake, nowhere near as sweet as a choc mud cake.

 This is the digital card that I made for Michael and Brian printed it out on the computer, as you can see with the theme of the cake etc the car I made was very appropriate.

    Thats Brian with the striped shirt on, I didnt play as my back and hips were too sore.



The tin sculptures were stunning - I loved the Rooster and Chooks.

 What about this handsome couple.


Wednesday 15th October
It was a lovely day so I said to Brian lets head to Montville for a drive. As we wont really be based on the Sunshine Coast next year we thought we might as well get out and about and see some places as it will be the last time for a while. Montville is in the hinterland and is up on top of the Blackball Range, a very pretty drive. You don’t go here at weekends as you can never find a park it is packed full of people and cars. We found a spot no probs for the Tribby and grabbed our water bottles and headed down the hill for a walk and look at the shops. Very touristy however always nice when it is not crowded. We headed to our favourite coffee shop overlooking the valley and out to the sea and over the Sunshine Coast, it was a great day and was very clear so we had a good view. Coffee over and another walk along the other side of the street we made our way back to the car and headed back down the range and home - a nice easy and relaxing day.

Digital Cardmaking

The card below I made for my very good friend Keryn Suthers whose birthday is today, I also made the envelope for the card and lined it with a nice patterned paper, I had no envelopes big enough to take the card.

I have always wanted to try and make some of my own cards however doing digitally I thought can I do it. My friend Ann said it's like doing a digital scrapbook page only on a smaller scale. I had a go and have made a couple which turned out pretty good - well I think they did.

The card below has been made for the homeowners of the house we are currently minding. They have this beautiful Orchid which only flowers once a year and yep Murphys Law it flowered while they were away. I thought I will make them a card useing photos of the Orchid and this is what I did for them. Alot more personal than a shop bought card.

And this one was for a young man who was turning 21 he is an avid Brisbane Broncos fan but more on that later, pretty happy with this one also.

Crafting Continued

Well since we have been in this housesit I have been really busy re-organising after finding some of my craft gear in the corner of the storage shed - smuggled out and re stashed - shhhh don't tell a certain person. And I have almost finished making up many of the card kits that I had and never had the room to be able to get in and get them done. My card stocks were really low as I had used most of what I had made up while on our trip and now I have a great selection. Here's a few of what I have been doing.

The card below I made for a very special friend of our's Ann on the Gold Coast, it was for Ann's birthday  - I love the clean,crisp colours of this card.

And a few more Christmas Cards

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Still Doing Some Craft

Tuesday  7th  October

Infact today I feel like I won lotto  - well actually we won $10 and promptly spent it on 2 coffees at Coffee Club however we only paid for 1 as we are VIP members and buy 1 get 1 FREE - then we went and purchased 2 new drink bottles as mine was disgusting and Brian's well we have no idea what he did with it. Anyway back to feeling like I HAD won Lotto, we headed down to the storage shed and added some gear no longer required since doing the big clean up in the caravan, while down there Brian decided he wanted to move stuff to look for a power lead (not found) HOWEVER I found craft
gear and smuggled stamps and stamp pads, pens, papers and other small goodies back to the house. We also had a cooler bag that was dead and as the liner was all torn inside and then found another one that was in good condition. The plan was bring the old one back and throw it out which Brian did - however while he was sleeping I went and retrieved if from the bin, cut the liner and foam out of it - and whammo a new craft bag for storing under my bed in the caravan - yippee this girl is happy as. And guess what there is still room inside the bag for more goodies - hahahaha

Dont you love what a girl can do when the lad is having his grandad nap -  HELL YEAH!!!!

I have been making some cards and have just made another one which I think is rather nice. I have asked my good friend Keryn if she could get me a dye like the nice lacey one shown here. Yes she can it wont be the same however it is very similar and not expensive so all good.

A Bit Of The Outdoors Indoors

A vase of flowers from the garden here - Kangaroo Paw, Federation Daisy,Banksia Flower and a couple of stems off the Orchid.

Outside there is some nice colourful wall art

A lovely Sunset the other night - you can even see the moon.