Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Boots are made for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2015:

While here at Tocumwal I had a message from one of our line dancing friends from Marrochydore class to say that she Lyn and her hubby were in Tocumwal for 1 night and leaving next day and how about a quick catch up before they leave to head to Melbourne. We arranged to meet them at the bakery for a coffee as it was too cold to sit outside anywhere. There is a bit of a joke about Lyn's red boots, I have been trying to find a pair however my size seems to be too popular so we had to take a photo instead and I will meantime stick with my fav black boots. We had a good old catch up and natter as did the lads which was great.

Lyn took this really lovely photo of Brian and I
May 2015

A great Gift Idea

May 2015:

I have been making a few cards for my supply and decided to have a go at making some small folders that hold up to 4-6cards and envelopes. They are a great idea and make nice gifts for anyone really. I made mine with 3 ladies cards and envelopes and 3 mens cards and envelopes. I have given 1 away so far to a friend in Christchurch for her birthday and she was thrilled as she said she had only a couple of cards left, so it was a very useful gift. (below is the folder I sent the colors are Loraines favourite colors)


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rorys School Project

Anzac Day Tiles at Rory's School:

For ANZAC day this year Rory's class were learning all about the ANZAC'S and he was right into it. His mum and dad took him along to the Anzac Parade that was held at school on the 25th, he was so enthralled with it all. His class made these tiles depicting Poppies and he made a soldier out of a clothes peg.

The tiles on the right hand side 3rd one down is Rory's, poppies in a field

My pride and Joy

I love and miss this little boy so much. There are times when I just want to pack up and go back and help my daughter with him. He is a real handful and at times I feel so guilty that I am not there to help. Rory has just been diagnosed with dyslexia that now makes alot of sense the weird thing about it is he is in the top reading group in his class and is one of the most advanced readers. His main problem is writing it down on paper, he is a very hands on boy give him a task where he has to use his hands and he will whip anyone, he can weld, knows the names of all his dads tools (yep dad's a mechanic) and what each tool does, it appears his main problem is writing and putting it down on paper. I just adore him and cann't wait to see them in August when they are coming over for a week - how can I let them go - I am tearing up now at the thought of it - I guess that is called LOVE. 

Rory's school play

In March Rory was the bucking bull in his school play. He was so excited and proud. Just look at his face I think it says it all.

A few more cards

March 2015

And these are some of the cards I did for females.


While at Kallangur I had a craft afternoon with Delia the delightful lady from across the road, I took all my stamps that I had with me and punches and between what I had and Delia had we never doubled up at all.

One of the hardest things to make are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mens cards  OMG how many times have I heard that said. I decided I needed to make some cards as I was running low on stock especially mens cards. With our trip south in May/June I thought best get creating - here are some of the cards I made. I think they turned our pretty good.

Burpengary Craft group

April 21st 2015:

My final morning with the Burpengary craft group was fun however a bit sad. I decided to take morning tea and while we were having our break Audrey the head boss - lol gave me a small teddy and lovely card, I have it hanging by my bed in the caravan. They were such a great group of ladies and made me so very welcome.


When we were house sitting at Kallangur the owner was telling me her neighbour would ask me to go along to their weekly craft group. I did each week only missing one Tuesday, a great fun group of ladies and every week you just did what you wanted. Some never did anything they would just go along for a chat, cuppa and morning tea.

Below photo is the lovely Delia the neighbour that asked me to go along

Well it's been a long time

May 20th 2015

My oh my where does the time go. It's been some time since I updated my blog so over the next few days I will get my act together and get it done. I have been doing a few cards, learning how to finally use my Stampin Write pens with water color paper - love the look. I have'nt done any digi pages since Christmas so need to get started on them again also.

Below photos are of the Bleeding Hearts plant in flower

Bromeliad below


Staghorn Fern