Saturday, April 27, 2013

They are ready to go

Saturday 27/4/13

Well today was the day that the pot plants got moved to my very good
friends house -  Keryn Suthers at Morayfield. I did not want to part with my beautiful palms and some of my other plants and or leave them behind, and yep Keryn said I will plant sit for you until you come back from your trip. We took her up on her kind offer and today they were moved from our place to Keryn's - thank you Keryn for plant sitting. It is 1 week today until we move to the Golden Beach Caravan Park before heading off on the 8th May.

Photo shows them lined up ready to go, the small planter with the birds is for the caravan it has herbs in it, Mint in the center, Parsley, Chives, Basil and Oregano around the center pot - nothing like having fresh herbs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slowly but surely

I have been trying to get my head around some tutorials in Photoshop, for those who don't know - Photoshop is an editing programme and I have to admit it is amazing. I have wanted to get into digital scrapbooking for some time now as it is more cost effective and easier to work on and put away when time to pack up - as it is all done on the computer. For ages I have wanted to learn how to change a coloured photo to black & white and then change an element of that photo back to colour, I had to ask my Jellybean Scrappers forum friends for help - however in the end I was very proud of myself as I managed to do it myself - see below a couple of photos that I have altered. I was absolutely excited when I realised I had achieved what I wanted - hope you like the results. In the end do you believe me when I said it was actually really easy - hahaha

I have to thank my wonderful husband who last year bought for me a version of Photoshop Elements 10 - NO I never nagged him either. The good thing about this type of scrapbooking you don't need internet to be able to achieve results.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Anzac Day

Thursday 25th April

Being Anzac Day today - Lest We Forget.

Coolum Beach for lunch

Sunday 21st April

Being Sunday our only day to ourselves we decided as it was a beautiful day we would escape the compound and head to Coolum for lunch at the Coffee Club and then a stroll over to the beach where we sat and enjoyed the warmth and fresh air, before returning for home. It is always nice to get away from the place even if it is only for a few hours.

Early Morning Sunrise

Friday 19th April

Woke early on Friday morning and headed outside for a walk to see the sky on fire, dashed inside to get the camera and this is the result. Pretty cool don't you think.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Farewell Whitey

Saturday 6th April  saw us farewell a good old girl - no not me, but we sold the little white Hyundai runabout to my teamleader at LEP - Frank, he came and collected the old girl on the Saturday afternoon and away she went - hope he does not drive her into the ground being a male they are inclined to do that. We had her for about 3.5yrs and she never caused us any drama.

February ATC swap

Over at Jellybean Scrappers  - Noriel put together another great ATC
swap titled "Little House" it was a full set of 9 cards and again the
same theme and amazing how everyone interprets it differently that
is why I love doing ATCs. I am unable to take part in any for the next few months due to us being away in the caravan. I am taking limited gear to just make a few cards while travelling as I really want to concentrate on my digital theme, must less gear to take and you dont need internet to do it. Here is a photo of the finished complete set of 9 ATC's they look great.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Off to Christchurch for Nana

The end of January beginning of February saw me heading to Christchurch to spend some special time with the family and to mind Rory for the last couple of weeks of the school holidays.I flew into Auckland and overnighted there before heading to Christchurch the following day arriving on my birthday - a cake was the order of the day when I arrived. Rory was so excited and we had many hours together playing and visiting places of interest like the Botanic Gardens, Museum, & Willowbank, we had alot of fun and laughs and for me it was special being able to look after him, I love him so much as I do my darling daughter Yasmine. Here are a few photos that show and say it all, along with a nice photo of my sister and Rory taken at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. I am now unsure when I will see them with us going away on our adventure caravan trip.

Plans for 2013

The plan for us is a trip away later in the year in the caravan. Plan is to head north which will be great as we have not been north beyond Bundaberg so we are looking forward to doing that around May this year, means we will become grey Nomads and vacate the place we called home for the last 3years - Fort Knox Storage in Caloundra. More on this later folks as there will be a new blog soley for the trip so watch for details. Just thought I would add this beautiful photo of the Hibiscus flower that I managed to grow the plant from a cutting that I have treasured and cared from since we first moved over here almost 9years ago, I grew this from a cutting I took while living at Sanctuary Gardens and I have managed to take another cutting and will pot that up and a friend of mine has kindly offered to mine my palms and other small plants while we are away, thank you to Keryn Suther's for doing this we appreciate it.