Saturday, October 6, 2012

Family Heritage

October 6th 2012

A number of years ago I managed to locate a very special family member by going through the Brisbane ph directory and coming across the little fellows grandad was just fantastic. Kyle is my nephews son ( he has nothing to do with him, my brothers grandson (grandfather has never met him) and my father's eldest Great Grandson - whom my dad met and spent time with him. Brian and I lived on the Gold Coast at the time and we arranged to meet Kyle and then when my dad came over for a visit in 2006 we again arranged for them to meet - it was so great - as this was one of my dads wishes to meet Kyle and his family. Now Kyle and his family are in contact all the time with us, we have had Kyle come and stay (he is now 14yr old) and we are going down to Brisbane in November to spend a weekend with them. Kyle's mum is a scrapbooker hahahahaha and she is doing a scrapbook for Kyle for Christmas and has asked me to do a double page for his album and I have done just that. I have done one page solely on my parents - their wedding day and the other page on Kyle and my dad his great grandad. I have added hidden journalling on tags that are tucked behind the photos. I also have done a montage of all different photos and have written on the back of the card what,who and when they were taken. I hope this is what Belinda was looking for, I think it has come up rather well.

The 2 photos below the coloured ones are the various photos that will be on the backs of the double page layout.

The one thing Belinda did ask was that somewhere on the page I had to add that these pages were done by me so I did it on the journal tag that you can see poking out from the wording "We are family" the other tag is tucked in behind the photo of my mum and dad coming out of the church.

Bo Bunny

Saturday 22nd September I went off to another Bo Bunny class at the LSS, this time it was the "Olivia" range of papers and embellishments. This was a card class and we made 8 cards - they are very nice although the  photo's dont really do the cards justice. It was a nice group of ladies and they are always up for a laugh which adds to the fun. I have booked in for another couple of classes, I think they are Christmas Card classes.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreaded teeth time

Tuesday 25th September

Well the day had arrived for Rory to go into hospital to have his teeth done. He has a fear of needles and the school dentist made it worse for him so he was booked in to have his teeth done at the hospital dental clinic. He was to have a general so he would know nothing about it, he was fine other than the fact that his tummy hurt due no eating allowed and or drinking - kids eh so he hid under the chair and grumbled my tummy is sore. He went in with Yasmine and there were no hassles the job was done and no pain and or suffering. Good boy Rory.

Photo below tells the story of a boy who just wants to sleep

Flying back to Brisbane

Wednesday 12th September

Sees Brian and I return home to Brisbane and farwell to our darling family.I hate the goodbye's - when we arrived home last night Rory's Rugby League coach had come around with his certificate and medal for the end of season games - Rory was so excited (see photo below).School for Rory and work for Yasmine and Adam, Brian and I went with Rory this morning to say goodbye as we would be gone when he arrived home. We dropped Yasmine at work and had her car for the morning, we didn't go anywhere other than to the Hornby Mall and back again. We did the house for Yasmine and washing and got the wood in for her to light the fire when she arrived home. We were meeting Sonya - Adam's sister at Yasmine's work at 1.00pm and she was then taking us to the airport as Yasmine did not need to take time off work and or take Rory out of school. The time arrived for us to leave and drop Yasmine's car off, Sonya had arrived and it was the dreaded time I hate - those bloody good -byes. I assured Yasmine I will return one day and I promised her that, just that at present the time is not right, we still want to travel and see more of this huge big country and with tears in our eyes we left her waving good - bye. As I type this it tears me up so on that note I will finish this part of the trip here and say we had a wonderful time and NZ will always be home - just now we call Australia home and we are proud and happy to be here.

This photo below was the last photo I took and show a very proud little boy displaying his certificate and medal - well done Rory xxxx

Last day Christchurch

Tuesday 11th September

This was our last day in Christchurch and we had Yasmine's car so decided to go into the city and take some photos. In the evening we went to Brian's neice's house (this house has been Red Zoned and is to be demolished it is only 5yr old) for a BBQ tea, by the time we arrived at Catherine's it was freezing and I mean freezing cold, raining and just awful. Wayno had to cook the BBQ in the garage while we all sat inside, Catherine had the heatpump whirring away on 25c for us so we were nice and cozy. All Brian's family came, sister Rosie, brother Terry his wife Patricia was in bed with some bug. Brian's nephew Brian and his wife Anna also came as were Catherine and Wayne and their 3 kiddies, the twins Fynn and Bailey 8yr and Matilda 6yr. We left to head back to Yasmine's around 9.00pm to actually arrive back there where I parked the car, she went out a bit later to ensure old mother had locked it to say come and have a look - I was shocked thinking what had I done!!!!!! however it was all good it was SNOWING, we were leaving tomorrow to head home.

Still in Christchurch

Monday 10th September

Photo below is of my work mates from Air NZ - Jacky Korndorffer, CJ, Loraine Ainsworth - thanks girls for making the effort to come over and
catch up.

Today was again school for Rory and work for Yasmine and Adam, which left Brian and I to do whatever. It was arranged with a couple of my old Air NZ mates that as they had RDO they would come out to Hornby Mall and meet up for a coffee and bite to eat. It was great catching up and having a chat with them - thanks Jacky & Loraine. School over and Rory and mum arrived home, Monday's are swimming lesson day for Rory and he loves it I along with Yasmine and Rory went to see how he has been doing, we left grandad at home to get the fire going.As you can see by the photo below of Rory sound asleep he did not want to wake up this morning he had  - had such a busy weekend.

Orana Park

Sunday 9th September

Yesterday was a day for doing chores etc, Yasmine went off to have her hair done while I minded Rory and Grandad well we don't know where or what he did/went hahahaha -
Today we went off to Orana Park - which is a wildlife park in Christchurch and we had not been in years so thought it would be good to do. Rory went as a baby so never remembered it at all for him it was AMAZING. It was a nice fine day and all except Rory and I had a jacket!!! it was a cold wind when we arrived so we sent grandad off to the shop to buy a couple of those plastic rain jackets, which Rory and I put on straight away, we looked like we had been wrapped in glad wrap but they did keep the wind out. Brian stayed until midday and he went back home to Yasmines and came and picked us up at 4.00pm, by that time we had seen all the park with thanks to the little shuttle cart that ferries you around, the park without having to walk for kms and kms. We ended the day by going out for dinner with Yasmine, Adam,Rory my sister Angela, hubby Martin and younger nephew Ian who was back from church camp. We had a nice meal at Robbies in Riccarton a great way to end a great day, we were not late as Rory had school on Monday and everyone other than Brian and I had work.

Enjoy the Photos:

I am such a cool dude.

 Please note the plastic rain jackets Rory and I have on!!!! Yasmine scored one of Brian's sweaters

 Feeding time literally -  at the zoo.

 Meerkat Manor

 Monster at Orana Park


 The beautiful Tiger

 Yasmine and Rory - luv you guys xxx

James turns 21

Friday 7th September

With Rory at school and Yasmine and Adam at work, Brian and I had a bit of time to ourselves. We would either have Yasmine's car and if not we would just walk to the local shopping mall - Hornby Hub.
All my family were working while Brian and I were there - no one thinks to take a day off to meet up and or go for a coffee,drive etc so we do what we can when there. There are always family to go and see as we both have our families there and trying to keep everyone happy is not easy and somehow we always seem to not spend enough time with someone. This time when we were there my sister and both nephews had had birthdays and we had decided to celebrate James 21st with a families get together however as happens this did NOT happen so Brian and I and Yasmine and Rory decided along with my sister we would go over for tea on the Friday night to catch up with them and the boys. James was home however Ian went off to a church youth camp - just shows no matter how hard one makes every effort to catch up it kind of goes haywire - oh well we feel we had a great night and took some lovely photos of the family and boys.

Younger nephew Ian he is 18yr
Ian and his mum, my sister Angela.

Uncle Brian, James 21, Aunty Chris, and Ian 18

Dad - Martin, James and mum Angela

Ian, Aunty Chris, the joke was how short I was!!!!  James

And this is MY cake James 21yr

James and his mum - a lovely photo of them.

I have been asking for months for some up to date photos of my nephews and thought this would be the only way I would get any - I think they are great photos and I am so happy to have them.