Thursday, August 27, 2015


27 August 2015:

Tonight is the night I become an Aussie - yeah well ok so they let anyone in now days. My ceremony is at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre at 7.00pm, you are only allowed 4 guests so naturally I am taking Brian and I have also asked Keryn and Graham Suthers and another special lady to come along to celebrate with me. As we are housesitting down at Calamvale near Logan we are leaving here at 4.30pm to get through the traffic in time before peak hour. I am really excited and it has been 2.5yr from the start of attaining Citizenship. Firstly I had to obtain Perm Residency at a cost of $345.00 for a visa which was valid for only 1year. I had to have PR (perm residency) for 2years before I could apply for Citizenship. To apply for Citizenship I had to pay $260.00 and you are not guaranteed being given Citizenship, if this was the case there is NO refund :-( when we went back to NZ last Christmas/New Year 2014) I had to once again apply for a new RRV (returning residents visa) as my previous visa expired in the Nov 2014, therefore I could leave AU as a PR but I could not re-enter as a PR, so I needed a new visa just to re - enter so once again another $345.00 but I had no choice if I did not do this I would lose my PR and I sure as hell was not going to be doing that. I will hold dual Citizenship. I am not sure if you are aware that the law changed in 2001 for NZders, we can no longer enter AU and get any form of benefit at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! however the reverse is not the case when any Aussie's leave AU for NZ they can get a benefit after a few weeks stand down. KIWIS here in AU get NOTHING, you have to be able to support yourself. So for me becoming a citizen with a husband who is X number of years older than I am and has health issues now, it was really important for me to do something will be peace of mind in the end if anything ever happens to Brian as I am not working and not yet retiring age (I can get a pension in Jan 2017) so I have a while to wait yet. Anyway I just wanted to give you an overview of how becoming a PR and or Citizen of AU is so important not only for myself but any other KIWIS.


With Dad

This photo of Rory and his dad was taken as you can see when Rory was only little, I am finally getting around to getting pages completed for his album, I loved the idea of this one - both of them are petrol heads.

Motorbike With Dad:
Easyrider Motorbike ClusterA – Raspberry Road
Man O Man – Paper1 – Ginger Snaps
Font – Postino Std
Waves pattern effect on the title

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cottontree 2008

When Yasmine and Rory came over we took him to the beach, his first time on the beach and in the sand  - he just loved it.

Tropical Vacation Cluster by Irene- Raspberry Road

Smell The Sea Quick Page by Manu Scrapbook Graphics

Caloundra 2008

Mother and daughter moment on the Caloundra Boardwalk

Nature Vision flower sprig – Manu Scrapbook Graphics
BG Happy paper 1
BMW Swirl Pearls2 – Scrapgirls Zoomba
Staple 4 – Scrapgirls Zoomba

Another Technique

Another technique I have managed to do is how to change the colour of an item/clothing. It is just amazing how much can be achieved digitally - loving it.

Below photo before altering my tee shirt color

Below same photo and I have changed my tee shirt color

Holiday Time 2008

The time had finally arrived for Yasmine and Rory to come for a holiday in 2008, look how little he was then, a real chubby boy, now he is 8yr old and a real string bean.

Circle Aircraft -Kpertiet Ad Inspiration Stamp – Digital Designers
Wording -Kpertiet Editorial Inspiration 02- Digital Designers
Dreaming paper3 – Manu Scrapbook Graphics

Memory Lane - EZ Page 1-Scrapgirls

Rory 1st Birthday 2008

I am sooooooooooo far behind in doing Rory's album, have decided to get myself into gear and get creating. On these house sits that we are now doing I have brought NO card making gear,stamps no nothing other than my pens and pencils for any colouring etc. All I have now to create is my computer for doing digi pages. Here are a few of the latest.

Rory  Birthday 1yr Old
Template2, used ABR – BWY

Creating a Background Paper From A Photo

August 26th 2015

Another technique I have learnt is how to take a photo and extract a part of that photo then turn it into a background for any page. I blended 2 papers,added an overlay and also added a rolled edge (haven't yet managed to change the color of the rolled edge - still working on that), I reduced the opacity on the left hand side to give a faded look.  I had to use the brush tool to select the area of the photo I wanted to be the focus and then used the Lasso Tool to clean up the area - love the effect it gives.

 The above photo shows how it was before I extracted Lyn and I from it
and the page below shows the use of the extraction - clever eh

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Grids and Rulers in Photoshop

26 August 2015

Finally I have managed how to use the Rulers and Grids in Photoshop. Amazed at what it can do for your pages, no more un-even embellishments and or journalling. I also learnt if you use the 50% position when you choose vertical/horizontal you will get a definate center on the page.

 Below shows the use of the 50% getting a perfect center

This page was done with the use of the Ruler 

This page was done with the use of Grids it allows you to place multiple items

Orbs in Photoshop

I have Sharon to thank for this one, love love love the effect. I have been trying out various Orb with flowers I love the effect a flower gives, it says in the link the more busy the photo is the better the Orb is going to be as not all photos give great Orbs, you can also vary the shape of the Orb, but I love the 1inch x 1inch. Give it a go if I can do it so can you.

I've been playing

I have been going over some of the new stuff that I learnt in the digi scrapbook tutorials, just to make sure I can remember it!!!!!!!!!!!!! whew thankfully my notes were correct. I love the feather edge that you can add to photos. The photos below were taken when Yasmine and Rory were here last week.


Another tutorial was about warping text and cutting a shape out of paper, also make a great frame which is what I did to this photo of Jedda the dog (huge dog) that we are minding she is easier to care for than the sausage dog at Tocumwal that destroyed everything.