Sunday, November 9, 2014

I need to get my craft on

09 November 2014

Just want to say to Noriel was so great to see all your photos from your few days away for your birthday on Friday 7th - it looks like you had a super time, even going back to some of our favourite places, Beechworth, Milawa, Shepparton.

I haven't done much in the way of digi lately as I have been making birthday cards and finishing all my Christmas Cards. These are now all done and most of them are in envelopes, addressed and with stamps on ready to go, so now I can get back into my digi full steam ahead. I have most of the photos sorted and in folders ready to scrap for Rory's album, if I don't get stuck into this he will be working. Therefore my next priority is to do this and come the New Year it will be all on. Yesterday I went to a lovely craft afternoon with Keryn over the Beachmere a small seaside suburb on the way to Bribie Island it was great only about 6 of us there, no cost involved all we had to take was what we wanted to work on - I did some cards to restock my box for next year when we are on the road house sitting and or in the van and our own lunch. It was a lovely day chatting with other ladies, Keryn's mum Shirley also came along for the day which was great.

Caboolture Sth 2

Monday 03 November  -   (22yrs today since my dear mum died - RIP mum love and miss you daily, never a day goes by that I don't think of

A much cooler day today, Saturday/Sunday were very very warm, thank god for the pool, really cools you down. We headed into Moray field this morning to do some essential food shopping, going to the Moray field shopping centre (Terry and Patricia will know where I mean) it is huge, Brian has been here before but not me. We had a walk around the centre before heading to Coffee Club for a drink then hit Woollies for the essentials - with the shopping done we headed home to Raj. Raj is a lovely Kelpie dog, he is so good does his own thing, sleeps outside and only comes in if there is a storm due to the thunder and lightening. It was very overcast today much cooler in fact we closed all the windows and the door tonight as it was a bit chilly. Not far from the kitchen window there is a Tawny Frog mouth Owl sitting on a nest with a baby chick, on Saturday we got a real surprise when the chick popped up so a rush inside to grab the camera and got some great shots. With Raj on the property there is no way in hell that anyone or thing would get in before he heard you, birds can’t even settle on the lawn before he chases them off. Did you know that the Kelpie breed of dag is 99% wolf and 1% dog - a bit of trivia. We had word today that Brian has been booked back in for his CT scan tomorrow, so back up to Warana once again for the scan, then back to the surgeon on Monday for a follow up and the scan results. As you can see there is loads of room for the lad to practise his golf swings and hits - but thats another story  - to follow

28years today

01 November 2014

Happy 28year Wedding Anniversary to us.

Off to Caboolture South

Friday 31st October
Yep this is the day we leave Little Mountain, head south to Caboolture Sth just 45mins from L Mountain for our next house sit before we head over to NZ for Christmas/New Year. We had a bit of a stuff up morning as Brian had to have his CT scan done at Warana before we could head away - once again Murphy’s Law things did not go to plan, the Radiology had blood results that showed a few issues therefore they would not do the scan, sending us to see the Dr. Arrived at the Dr however fully booked but due to the fact we need the scan done before the next surgeon visit on the 10th Nov they fitted Brian in at 1245. We decided to head back to Little Mountain to have some lunch then Brian would go back on his own while I stayed and did the final packing and cleaning. With the blood tests done Brian text to say he was on his way home. Once back we loaded the car, locked the house and headed to Caboolture Sth arriving at approx 3.30pm. We were greeting by Raj the beautiful Kelpie, it was bloody hot so we unloaded and sat outside under the pergola and had a cuppa enjoying the lovely semi rural surroundings. This house sit is less than 5min drive from my good friend Keryn Suthers how good is that - lol

Finally over the back fence

Behind the garden shed is a wooden fence with various holes cut out for the grandkids to stand and look through the holes at the wildlife that wanders around there. Some of the holes were just the right size for me to poke the camera lens through without me being seen .

                                                    And my all time favourite bird


Double Delight

We finally found out that the name of this stunning rose is Double Delight, and when you watch it come out into full bloom over 3-4days you can see why - the fragrance is just devine as is the rose itself. You can see from the photos how it starts out and then look at the last photo to see what it finishes as. The centre starts out yellow/white and ends up pink.

Poppy on the Move

Thursday 30th October:

The day was going to be pretty warm so we got up and on the move early as today we took the caravan to Bionic Storage where our furniture is kept. It is secure,covered and safe there as we do not now need her until January when we move to the Big4 Holiday Park at Caloundra. When we come back from NZ in January we will be house sitting for our friends again at Sippy Downs, the day they arrive back from NZ we will move to the Holiday Park and stay there until the day of our departure to head north to Bauple Forest for our next house sit, mean time little Poppy is safe and secure.