Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A blast from the past

Sunday April 28th:

Found in the back of the linen cupboard was my old favourite wooden box that I had always admired as a kid - it belonged to my dad and I remember it well as a young girl. I always said to dad one day can i have that box please, and when dad passed I got my wish. It is made of wood, and is lined with a navy kind of fabric. The box has lift up lids and small compartments. I have some momentos in this box and I always treasure it. Among the momentos I found the lock of hair from Yasmine's first haircut in 1973, a brochure from the Dresses for Humanity display that I went to in Wellington - these dresses/frocks belonged to the late Princess Diana, this was in the year 2000. Also In another box I came across some show programmes for shows we have been to like - Phantom Of The Opera, this was in Melbourne and we actually got to meet Rob Guest who played Phantom and is also a Kiwi, he signed the programme for me when he found out my name was Christine as this was the lead ladies name, this was in 1992. Another show we went to was Miss Siagon (I actually won this trip along with airfares and accomodation) this was in Sydney unfortuanately I cann't remember the year - could have been 1995? It was at the Capitol Theatre. I also have the programme for the show "Cats" which was held in the Christchurch Town Hall - sorry year unknown. Another programme we have is for the 3 Tenors - the original ones which was held in Melbourne during the end of 1996-97 we were both working then and earning well so shouted ourselves to the dearer "Silver price range seats" these seats were not very far from the front - it was a great show. Lastly amongst items at the back of the cupboard I found wrapped in a plastic bag my original doll that my dad's mother gave to me as newborn - dolls name is Julieann and she is an original walky talky doll she still walks but no longer talks - she used to say mumma, I wonder what she would be worth today? - there are other small items in the box like money tokens for various stores back when my dad was a young lad and when we are back and settled once again hahaha whenever that will be I will look into these a bit more as I do know that one of them is rare!!
Thanks for taking a peek at this bit of a blast from the past.

In their new surroundings

Saturday April 27th:

Saw us take the plants to be plant sat at their new home for the next 6-7months. We loaded the trailer and headed to Keryn & Graham Suther's place in Morayfield,I was worried the wind from the travel would shred the  Palms and we would arrive with just stems. Arrived safely and had arvo tea with them before the lads unloaded all the plants. They look pretty good surrounding the pool. I went down this morning to collect a parcel that Yasmine had sent me for Mother's Day and they all look great.Thank's once again Keryn for being so kind in doing this for us. Photo shows how great they look.