Friday, February 26, 2016

Ok so here we go 2016

Friday February 26th:

I've been real slack no excuse - except I just don't seem to have enough time to do what I want to do. However one big achievement is that I have completed my Digital Scrapbooking Course all tutorials complete - what a brilliant course it was and I learnt so much and can now do things that I never imagined when I first started out - actually I surprised myself. We are still house sitting, have had some beautiful house sits, met some amazing people, stayed in some gorgeous homes and met some beautiful animals. We have decided to do it for another year and when we rejoin in April it will take us through to next April when we won't renew it time to settle down for these Nomads, actually I cann't wait - I see all our belongings in our storage shed and it will be like Christmas when we unpack it all again. No sure where we will settle -  however it will have to be within an hour of the Selangor Private Hospital Nambour, Brian's surgeon and our Dr's. The reason being with Brian's health and his 3mthly admissions to hospital for surgery and or Chemo treatments we have to be close by. Therefore we will be somewhere between and hours drive from the Sunshine Coast to the north and south. Anyway enough of that lets get on with updating this blog.

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