Friday, February 26, 2016

1st Day Of School

Rory's first day of school was a great highlight for Brian and I as we had gone over for his 5th birthday and being there to actually take part in the excitement of getting ready for school in the morning and seeing actually heading into school was very emotional.

1st Day Of School

1st Day Of School – off the Internet
Pretty In Pink byKaren Bellamy
Day to Remeber
All Smiles
Off to School
Digital Designers:
Paper Kit #16
Raspberry Road:
Country Theme -Ribbons
Class Act – Paper
Studio Girls:
Graph Overlay - #3
Scrap Girls:
Lined Paper
Welcome Kit - Scroll
Great Excitement 2012

Digi Designers -Kpertiet:
Paper-ColorInspiration 031712
Raspberry Road:
Class act – Cluster

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